The video game industry continues to be engulfed in the controversy of what is and is not appropriate attire for a female character, with many Japanese games changing their ladies outfits to be “more appropriate” for Western audiences. One game that will not be subject to such changes is the upcoming Tales of Berseria, whose main protagonist Velvet wears a revealing costume.

DualShockers put the question of censorship directly to the games producer, Yasuhiro Fukaya, who stood by the costume as it was created by Mutsumi Inomata:

“I promise. Velvet’s costume will surely be the same in the western version. The design of that costume is created by Mutsumi Inomata, and she created that costume based on the character’s concept and setting, and on the storyline.

I believe that those who support the Tales Of series like to have exactly the same content as the Japanese version. We believe it’s ideal and the best option to bring exactly the same game experience and design to the western countries. I promise that Velvet is still Velvet in the western version.”