Hitman’s monthly release schedule is “subject to change” according to developer IO Interactive, despite the studio promising a monthly release schedule for new episodes of the game. Originally IO had said that it was aiming to have all of the episodes launched by the end of Summer, with the final episode probably available in September.

However a new tweet posted by IO over the weekend has thrown that into doubt, with the developer now saying:

This follows on from the news that the games Elusive Targets mode had been delayed to April, after originally being due to launch 10 days after the release of Episode 1 on March 11.

IO’s community manager Travis Barbour has released a clarifying statement on the official Hitman Forum, stating:

“‘Subject to change’ is a general phrase that wasn’t intended to suggest anything. The aim and schedule are still set for a new episode each month, supported by the live content. We see Twitter as an informal channel, so when we have ‘news’, we’ll make sure you know about it and that it’s clearly marked as news.”

The second episode of Hitman is set to launch on April 26, while the third episode has been announced as having a May release, although the exact date is unknown.