Xbox dropped a pretty huge announcement before GDC yesterday. Chris Charla, director of ID@Xbox, wrote an update on Xbox Wire announcing, among other things, that Xbox Live will be enabling developers to support cross-network multiplayer. This means that, theoretically, players on Xbox One will be able to play multiplayer games with players on PC, PS4 and any other online gaming network.

It’ll be up to developers, and other networks, to actually support this feature, but this is a pretty huge move by Microsoft. Charla confirmed in the post that Psyonix would be taking advantage of this feature to allow players of Rocket League on PC and Xbox One to play together, with “an open invitation for other networks to participate as well.”

This is an open invitation from Microsoft to allow PSN players to connect to Xbox Live players, which could eventually open the door to cross-platform multiplayer between multiplatform games on Xbox and Playstation.

In the same post, Charla also announced that Axiom Verge would be coming to Xbox One, via Microsoft’s open source XNA platform MonoGame, which will be “coming soon” to the console.