Ubisoft released the launch trailer for their upcoming, third-person action game The Division yesterday. The trailer itself is peppered with pull quotes, usually taken from reviews, have been lifted from far shadier sources.

There are three such quotes featured in the trailer. The first, “Best New Franchise”, was an award given to The Division over two years ago. The outlet awarded The Division with the Best New Franchise award at E3 in 2013, when the game was first revealed:


The other two pull quotes – “Amazing” from Gamezone and “Loved Every Minute” from The Examiner – are from beta impressions. None of these quotes have been pulled from reviews, or any impressions of the full game.

It could be that The Division is the “best new franchise” and that it is “amazing” and you’ll “love every minute” – but the fact of the matter is no-one knows a damn thing about the game right now. To put these quotes in the launch trailer for The Division, or to use them anywhere to suggest that the full game is any of these things, is disingenuous, and misleading on the part of Ubisoft.

Luckily, Twitter user  has fixed them: