Developer Remedy Entertainment have set off alarms in the Words About Games HQ after it was discovered that they have trademarked “Alan Wake’s Return.” The trademark was filed on February 23. Last year Remedy registered the domain, and also revealed a prototype for a potential Alan Wake 2, that they created not long after the first game was released.

Alan Wake’s Return has been trademarked in three categories – as “games software”, “toys, games, playthings and novelties” and as “production of television features.” The latter of which may indicate that Remedy plans to merge a potential Alan Wake game with a TV series, much like they are doing with Quantum Break.

Speculation about the future of Alan Wake has been rife ever since it was revealed that the game would come as a pre-order bonus for Remedy’s upcoming sci-fi thriller, Quantum Break. With Quantum Break having gone gold recently, and the game due for release in just over a month, now may be the time for Remedy to be considering a return to the Alan Wake franchise.

All we have to go on at the moment are trademark filings and speculation. Although for Alan Wake fans who have been tortuously waiting news on a new adventure for Alan Wake, this could be a very satisfying year.