Gary and Keith tackle the video game news of the past week.

This week the guys discuss:

– Bethesda are returning to E3 this year
– Nintendo have released the list of the top selling Wii U games to date
– Square Enix are hosting a FFXV event in March, the game may also be coming to PC
– EA may have accidentally let slip how many Xbox One’s have been sold
– Doom launches May 13
– Tales of Symphonia on PC is horrendously broken
– EA discuss Mass Effect: Andromeda, Titanfall 2, next Battlefield game
– Superhot launches February 25
– EA are doing all they can to repair their reputation amongst PC gamers
– The Witness is being pirated a lot, according to Johnathan Blow
– Insomniac Games announce Song of the Deep
– Team 17 are publishing 16-year olds game, Way to the Woods
– A Cthulhu expansion for Pandemic is totally a thing that’s coming

Note: All video & images used in this podcast are sourced from official publisher/developer promotional materials, or is gameplay that has been recorded by ourselves.