Platforms PC, PS4
Developer Klei Entertainment
Publisher Klei Entertainment
Release Date May 12, 2015

Invisible, Inc. is basically a stealth game wrapped around the gameplay of XCOM: Enemy Unknown (itself a previous Words About Games game of the year). It blends together stealth-based gameplay with the turn-based, grid-based strategy found in Firaxis’ exceptional 2012 release. You’d never have thought the two could coexist to create an excellent game until Invisible, Inc. was released and proved that it was actually a match made in heaven.

The greatest part of Invisible, Inc. is the depth of its customisation with regards to the games difficulty. You don’t start a new game, you generate a new campaign, and are given access to a staggering 23 different options with which to customise the difficulty, and your experience, with the campaign of the game.

Being able to dictate how big maps will be, how many guard patrols you’ll encounter, or shut off annoying gameplay mechanics on a whim, will hopefully be revolutionary in the video games industry. Anyone can play and enjoy Invisible, Inc. because it can be tailored to suit anyone’s personal preferences. If there’s something you don’t like about the game, chances are you can turn it off in the difficulty settings. If there’s something you love, chances are you can turn it up.


Invisible, Inc. is built around an endless amount of replayability, and you’ll constantly be back to take another swing at it. There are an impressive amount of agents, weapons, upgrades and, thanks to the procedural nature of the game, you’ll keep finding new stuff for a long time after you’ve concluded your first game.

Gameplay is addictive in all the same ways XCOM is. It’s quite a deceptively simple game, masking a huge amount of depth just beneath the surface of its turn-based gameplay. You’ll be constantly on your toes, constantly changing tactics mid-battle, and before you know it you’ve been playing until 4AM again because you just have to see what happens in the next turn.

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