Phil Spencer took to Twitter not so long ago to answer some questions from his followers. The head of Xbox talked backwards compatibility, 2016, potential remakes/re-releases of older games, and a whole lot more.

While answering a question from Typical Sony Drone (of course) on whether he’d played Rare’s Sea of Thieves (he has), the Twitter conversation turned to Xbox’s 2016 line-up, with Spencer responding:

New IP’s are a strong part of Xbox’s future. Currently slated for 2016 are the aforementioned Sea of Thieves, ReCore from Armature Studio, Scalebound from Platinum Games, Quantum Break from Remedy Entertainment, Cuphead from Studio MDHR, and Inside from Playdead. And that’s not counting the games that haven’t been announced yet, with Spencer confirming that Microsoft haven’t revealed the full Xbox One 2016 line-up quite yet.

Spencer also confirmed that the Phantom Dust reboot is still being worked on, though we don’t know who’s working on it, what kind of game it will be or what state it’s currently in. And while there is no plan to remake Otogi, Spencer stated a desire to remake Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic, though he did admit that was an EA game.

Due to rights and licensing issues there could be no possible remake/re-release of what is probably Rare’s most well loved game; Goldeneye. According to Spencer Microsoft have explored potential solutions to this multiple times, but have always come up empty and have had to ditch the idea.

Also, following the recent announcement that Minecraft would be coming to Wii U, Spencer talked about his enjoyment at working with Nintendo.