The 2015 Playstation Experience has come and gone. An event quite unlike any other on the gaming calendar, PSX is an event for the fans, as opposed to the media driven nature of other gaming events. That being said, Sony has not been stingy with trailers, interviews and other media from PSX. We’ll have more news and videos from the event as the week progresses, but today we’re taking a moment to round-up all the news from the PSX Keynote – essentially a mini-press conference aimed squarely at Playstation fans. Keep an eye out for the PSX segment of the Couch Co-op Podcast later today.

Final Fantasy VII Remake

Probably the biggest surprise at PSX was the reveal of a brand new trailer for Square Enix’s upcoming remake of Final Fantasy VII, one of the most revered games in history. What was surprising about the trailer was the fact that it contained actual gameplay from the remake. Check it out and prepare for nostalgia feels.

Ni No Kuni 2

Teased since before E3 last June, Level 5 have finally been given a space to announce their new game as Ni No Kuni 2. Cue instant mega hype tremors felt across the Internet.

Playstation VR

It’s fair to say that I, and a lot of people, had bigger hopes and expectations from Sony in what was their biggest VR push yet. What we got was a series of games that continuously disappointed. What they said when the introduced the segment was spot on, it’s extremely difficult to present virtual reality without people actually wearing the headset, however it’s made much more difficult with the selection of games that Sony decided to showcase.

In the interest of fairness, not everything that Sony showed was necessarily bad. Eagle Flight from Ubisoft is an interesting idea, and 100 ft. Golf Robots looks gloriously stupid fun. But a lot of the games being shown looked like crappy Unity Engine games that Jim Sterling would tear apart on his YouTube channel, and there was no marquee title (like No Man’s Sky) to really hammer home what VR could do.

At the end of the day Sony already have some impressive VR experiences that they could have shown in place of things like awful looking Modern Zombie Taxi Co. Such as R.I.G.S., Kitchen, or Battlezone. I have collected the individual trailers into the playlist above.

Ratchet & Clank

One of the longest stage demo’s at the PSX keynote was for the upcoming Ratchet & Clank reboot; the game based on the movie based on the game. It looks like more Ratchet & Clank, and in lieu of other classic Playstation platforming experiences, it’ll do. The movie is getting a wide release too, meaning it should be coming to a cinema near you.

Later on at PSX Ted Price of Insomniac sat down with Ryan Clements to talk more about the game in a PSX Livecast:


I got ridiculously excited when Epic Games came up on stage last at PSX, and was mildly disappointed when they showed of a MOBA (I’ve never personally been a huge fan of MOBA’s). Upon closer inspection, however, Paragon looks quite interesting, making me question my initial reaction of disappointment.

Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End

Sony of course kicked off PSX 2015 with another look at Uncharted 4, this time in the form of a long cutscene from the single-player campaign. The interesting part? Dialogue options.

Adult Swim

Adult Swim are diversifying from the “late 1930’s technology” of television and into publishing games (which they’ve been doing for a while now), using PSX to showcase a handful of games they’re bringing to PS4 in 2016, and some of them look really interesting. Highlights include Death’s Gambit, Rain World and the insane Duck Game, all of which (and more) you can see in the sizzle reel above.


Stormcloud Games showed off their fully 3D, built using ASCII action game Brutal on the PSX. It looks a lot of fun, on top of being very stylised, and is a co-operative, hack-n-slash experience. Players can choose between four classes and team up to beat up enemies in a procedurally generated ASCII world.


We also got our first look at Hob, the next game from Torchlight creators Runic Games. This one looks and sounds very interesting; a gorgeous looking adventure game that tasks players to fix the mechanical puzzles upon which the world is built to heal it from a strange infection. According to the official description players will embark on a journey to discover why they’re the only one of their kind on the strange world, in a game presented without text or narrative.

Want to check out the full PSX 2015 keynote? It’s embedded below: