Over on the official Team 17 YouTube channel, the developer turned indie publisher has released a video detailing what we can look forward to from their various development partners in 2016.  And it’s looking like a pretty solid line-up.

Five games were showcased in the video; all being published by Team 17 and all scheduled to drop next year. They’ve got Playtonic Games’ “Rare-vival” Yooka-Laylee, designed by former members of Rare as a spiritual successor to the 3D platformers that company used to be famous for. Also highlighted in the video is Allison Road, the terrifying first-person horror experience inspired by the late, great P.T.

The other three games shown in the video are Sheltered, a post-apocalyptic survival game that looks to be a cross between This War of Mine and Fallout, Worms W.M.D., a proper Worms sequel, and Strength of the Sword Ultimate, a third-person action game with a gorgeous art style.