Gran Turismo creator Kazonori Yamauchi and SCEE CEO Jim Ryan took to the stage at Sony’s Paris Games Week press conference to finally reveal the maiden outing of Gran Turismo on the latest Playstation console. Gran Turismo Sport will be coming to PS4, and according to the reveal a beta will take place for the game in the Spring of next year.

According to Yamauchi, the team at Polyphony have been taking advantage of the power of the PS4 to create their most realistic driving simulator to date, with major improvements to physics, graphics and sound design. However the developer wants to go one better than simple gameplay improvements with GT Sport by innovating the way people experience driving games.

In GT Sport there will be two FIA online championships; Nations Cup and Manufacturers Cup. In Nations Cup players will be able to represent their home countries, and in Manufacturers Cup they’ll be able to drive on behalf of their favourite car manufacturer. The winners of these championships will be awarded at the FIA prize giving ceremony, giving GT Sport champions the same recognition as real world motor sport champions.

This has all come about thanks to a partnership with the FIA, with the worldwide association helping the development team to create as realistic and authentic an experience as possible.