Four Sided Fantasy is a game built around a single, brilliant idea. What if you had the ability to toggle screen wrap on and off, at will, in a platforming video game? In Four Sided Fantasy you’re able to push a button and freeze the screen in place. When you do, if you move off one side you’ll appear on the opposite side. Kind of like in Pacman, only this is applied as a fully fledged, core gameplay mechanic in a puzzle platformer.

Check out this GIF, taken from the Four Sided Fantasy website:


That should give you a kind of idea what you’re dealing with in Four Sided Fantasy. It’s a brilliant mechanic, based off a 10-minute section of indie game VVVVVV. Developer Logan Fieth loved that idea so much he created a prototype based on the screenwrap mechanic in college, which he and a small team at Ludo Land are now making into a fully fledged game.

Playing Four Sided Fantasy is akin to playing something like Antichamber or The Stanley Parable. It doesn’t work the way regular games work, you’ve got to come to understand how to play it in an entirely different way. Sure at its heart Four Sided Fantasy is a puzzle platformer, and we’ve all played dozens of those before, but nothing you’ve played before in this genre will help you other than an understanding of basic run and jump controls.

And that’s what’s pretty amazing about this game. It plays by its own rules, teaching you them through trial and error. At first you won’t quite be able to wrap your head around the solution to a puzzle, but after a little while experimenting with the screenwrapping, you’ll look back at those first puzzles and realise that they were actually really straightforward, you just weren’t used to playing a game in such a different and new way.

Four Sided Fantasy was an excellent game, a lot of fun to play through with a really interesting new gameplay mechanic, and I can’t wait to see what Ludo Land is able to do with it. The game is due to launch early next year for PC, PS4, PS3, PS Vita (!), Xbox One, Xbox 360 and Wii U.

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