Remember when you first played Gone Home, and the house felt really creepy? Or at least until you realised that you weren’t actually playing a horror game anyway. Well cross that with a healthy does of P.T. and general high octane nightmare fuel and you’ve got Allison Road, the currently in development first-person horror game from Chris Kesler. “Ready to crap your pants?” his Twitter profile asks. If you’ve watched the 13-minute gameplay demo embedded above, chances are you already have.

Allison Road is a game I’ve talked about here before. It looks like it has been made by someone who truly understands what makes horror games legitimately terrifying, and is powered by Unreal Engine 4, for some fantastic graphics and lighting effects.

The game itself sees the player character waking up in his home with no memory of previous events, your objective being to find your family and unravel the mysteries of the house over the course of five nights, all while being stalked by Lily and other dark entities.

The gameplay above was created solely for the purposes of the demo, so nothing in the video will actually be a part of the game itself.

Allison Road is due for release sometime in 2016 for PC.