I have finally managed to process the Final Fantasy VII remake news. It took a couple of days but, especially when combined with Shenmue 3’s revival, but I can finally accept that this is the reality I live in. Fans of other old Final Fantasy titles need not despair, as Final Fantasy VII director Tetsuya Nomura has declared his interest in overhauling more classic entries in the Final Fantasy series for current generation consoles.

Speaking to VentureBeat, Nomura-san said:

“Considering that we have remakes of Final Fantasy up to IV and then we have VII — I’ve been working with Mr. [Yoshinori] Kitase since Final Fantasy V, and we’ve noticed that V and VI are missing. That bothers me. How come we skipped over those two?”

There are no details on when we can expect the Final Fantasy VII Remake, or even any screenshots outside of stills from the announcement trailer, but Nomura-san had this to say in a separate interview with Dengeki Online:

““We haven’t put out any screenshots yet, but we’re making considerable progress, so please look forward to it.”

He also told the Japanese website that the game “won’t be a simple remake” – and will be more than a carbon copy of the original game with spruced up visuals.

After news of the Final Fantasy VII remake was announced, Square Enix’s stock price received a healthy boost on the Tokyo Stock Exchange, jumping 2.9 percent to 2,959 yen, a six-year high for the publisher.