It was a show stopping moment, Yu Suzuki emerging on the Sony E3 stage after a video confirmed the existence of Shenmue 3, and launching a Kickstarter aimed at getting the long, long awaited sequel into development. Many were wondering why Sony hadn’t simply bankrolled Shenmue 3’s production, something that Sony’s director of third party production Gio Corsi addressed during the Playstation Live from E3 Stream.

Corsi said:

“So this has been asked for ever since I’ve been at Playstation. And we met with Suzuki-san at GDC last year and we started the long road to try to figure out how we were going to get this thing made. And we said the only way this is going to happen is if the fans speak up, and we thought Kickstarter was the perfect place to do this.”

And spoken the fans have. Shenmue 3 reached it’s $2million funding goal less than 9 hours after launching the crowdfunding campaign, and is currently about to breach the $3million mark just over 2 days later. So what now?

“So we set a goal for $2 million dollars and if the fans come in and back it, then absolutely we are going to make this a reality. Sony and PlayStation are definitely a partner in this game.

And it’s going to be run through third party production and we’re going to help YS Net get the game done. And we are going to be partners the whole way and we’re really excited to see this come out in a couple of years.”

So there you have it. Shenmue 3 has options for both PC and PS4 versions as part of it’s Kickstarter backer rewards, and an estimated delivery of December 2017.