You may or may not have heard, but E3 this year has been crazy. Amongst the craziest, most “out there” announcements came on the Sony stage, with the reveal of a Kickstarter effort to save Shenmue 3. Yu Suzuki himself took the the stage to announce to the watching world that the crowdfunding campaign was going live, and then the Internet proceeded to break Kickstarter.

That hasn’t stopped people pledging in droves to the Shenmue 3, with more than 24,000 backers pledging $2million to bring the dream of the final part of the Shenmue trilogy to life. In less than 9 hours.

There are some interesting details on the Kickstarter page for the game. The estimated delivery of the reward tier that includes a copy of the game is December 2017, so there’s a little while to go yet before we can get our hands on it (we’ve waited this long). There’s also the option of a PC or PS4 version of the game, with no mention of Xbox.

Considering $2million is nowhere near enough for the full development of a game, at least not one of Shenmue’s caliber, it’s likely that someone (maybe Sony) is using Kickstarter as a gauge to see if there’s demand for a new Shenmue game. And it seems they also got their answer.