In fact, there was so much going on at Microsoft’s E3 presser, that I’ve had to split the damn round up into two parts! The first part dealt mainly with first party titles, exclusives, and hardware (and Fallout 4, thanks to the news about the mods). You can click right here to check that out. This part will deal with indies and third parties. Buckle up for safety.

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

I loved what I played of the original Garden Warfare, which was not enough sadly. I’m looking forward to rectifying that in Spring 2016 with the reveal of a sequel, which looks just as mad and fun as the original, with a whole buttload of extras. Players of the first game will be able to transfer their unlocked characters and items from Garden Warfare to Garden Warfare 2, and to be honest the whole thing looks like a damn good time.

Dark Souls 3

Okay, so we all knew that Dark Souls 3 was going to be revealed at E3 this week, but who would have guessed it would make its maiden appearance on Microsoft’s stage? Even five of the sharpest minds in video games had it pegged for a reveal over at Sony. Instead we were treated to an announcement for Hidetaka Miyazaki’s return as director to the series he created, for what it’s rumoured will be the last entry in the franchise.

The Division

Ubisoft’s upcoming MMO-like third-person shooter The Division was given a quick trailer on the Microsoft stage, along with news of a beta exclusive to Xbox One this December.

Rainbow Six: Siege

Also joining the Microsoft party was a Rainbow Six: Siege trailer, along with the announcement that anyone who buys the game on Xbox One will receive copies of Rainbow Six: Vegas and Vegas 2 for free, thanks to the newly announced backwards compatibility with Xbox 360 titles coming to Xbox One this Holiday.


MOBA’s are fast becoming a saturated market, with almost every company taking the plunge and trying to get a slice of the League of Legends/Dota 2 pie, and here we have an announcement of another, coming exclusively to Xbox One with a beta set for August.


One constant of any E3 is Microsoft’s ID@Xbox Sizzle Reel, and this years did not disappoint, with glimpses at some fine looking indie games coming soon to Xbox One. Check out the trailers below for the indie games that were highlighted by Microsoft during their press conference: Cuphead, Tacoma, Ashen, and one of Words About Games’ most anticipated games of 2015; Beyond Eyes.