That was probably the worst, most boring E3 press conference I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen some pretty bad ones.

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Opening the EA presser was the next instalment of the Mass Effect series; Andromeda. The title of the game seems to indicate that the leak we were privvy to earlier this year might prove accurate, with several quick looks in the trailer seeming to support information in said leak. The game is due Holiday 2016, but I fully expect the game to be delayed, as both Mass Effect 2 & 3 both were from similar release dates.

Need For Speed

Need For Speed is coming back, having been dormant since 2013’s next-gen launch title Rivals. Not only is it coming back but it’s being rebooted, or at least as much as you can reboot a racing game. There was a heavy focus on car customisation in the trailer presented during the presser, and the game is set to feature an open world twice the size of the one found in Rivals.

Star Wars: The Old Republic – Knights of the Fallen Empire

The latest expansion for Bioware’s Star Wars MMO promises to bring Bioware’s famed storytelling touch to The Old Republic. Which confuses me, because I thought that was the big selling point of The Old Republic in the first place. The expansion will also raise the level cap to 65, speed up existing class story arcs, buff current endgame content so it will remain challenging, and give players the option to create a level 60 character. Knights of the Fallen Empire will also be free to anyone who pays a subscription to the game, and is due for launch October 27.


The award for most adorable game (and most adorably awkward yet passionate game developer) goes to Unravel, and Coldwood’s Martin Sahlin. In development for two years, Unravel is a puzzle platformer that stars a small cat made of yarn, who unravels as you move. You’ll be able to use the thread of yarn that the main character leaves trailing in his wake to do things like swing across gaps, fish, fly a kit, create a makeshift trampoline, and many other things. As Sahlin explains it, Unravel is a metaphor for love and the reason the main character is unravelling is because he’s far away from those he cares about.

Plants vs Zombies: Garden Warfare 2

The tables have turned in Garden Warfare 2, and the plants are finally on the offensive, taking the fight to the zombies in the upcoming sequel to 2014’s surprisingly excellent third-person shooter. EA showed off some gameplay of an entirely new game mode called Graveyard Defence. Which is pretty much Garden Defence, but the zombies will be on the defensive for a change. The game will also come with a single-player experience, allowing players to play offline or with two-player splitscreen, through the use of AI controlled bots. Keep an eye out for the game, due out Spring 2016.

Sports, More Sports, Yet More Sports & Mobile

Unless you are a diehard fan of EA Sports games, then chances are this EA press conference was one of the most boring in the shows long history. Pele was here, to talk about the beautiful game of football. They announced what seemed to be fantasy fantasy football for the next Madden game. There was a spotlight on NHL 16, with EA refusing to acknowledge that with the release of the next iteration of the hockey franchise they were finally back to where they were two years ago. I’ve embedded the video for the NBA reveal above because the face scanning technology demoed was incredibly cool.

There was also extended time given over to mobile games, such as the Minion one where you control a brand new minion and build an island, except Minions are shit at everything so it’ll be hilarious. Or something.

Star Wars: Battlefront

There were many things that were hilarious about the Star Wars: Battlefront reveal. The fact that the official EA Twitch stream died right before it was due to come on stage. The fact that the entire gameplay demo was posted to YouTube well before it was shown at the presser. The meltdown I had as the monotone lady talked for several minutes over a slideshow of still images of the game.

However it finally happened after it seemed like we had been consigned to a purgatory of never ending sports game announcements, and we got an extended look at some multiplayer for Star Wars: Battlefront. And I can indeed confirm that it looks like Star Wars: Battlefront. It looks like a legitimately authentic Star Wars experience, with fantastic audio design, and awesome looking weapons and enemies. Not long to go now either, as the game is due on September 20 for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.