Yesterday’s newest Humble Bundle launched and, as you’d expect, it’s absolutely packed with amazing value. What you might not necessarily expect is just how much value is packed into the latest charity bundle. When they say “All-Stars” they mean “All-Stars”

The Indie All-Stars bundle comes with three tiers. In the first tier you can pay what you want for physics puzzle game World of Goo, intensely difficult platformer Super Meat Boy and, in the ultimate fusion of the genres of the previous two games, puzzle platformer Dustforce DX. You can pay anything from nothing up to whatever the biggest number you can imagine is for these three games. But wait! There’s so much more.

Pay more than the average (currently $4.46 at the time of writing) and you’ll unlock a further three games. Tower defence/third person shooter mashup Dungeon Defenders, atmospheric platformer Limbo and mind-bending, time travelling adventure game Braid will be unlocked at this level. You can also pay the average price plus $1 to unlock Words About Games 2013 Game of the Year nominee and “better puzzle game than Portal” Antichamber, and roguelike action platformer Risk of Rain. Various soundtracks will also be unlocked alongside the corresponding games.

To put these prices into perspective, any one of the aforementioned games will set you back more than the average price plus $1 to unlock the entire bundle. As always with Humble Bundle you choose how much of your money goes to the developers, to the supported charities, and to Humble themselves.

The supported charities in the Indie All-Stars Bundle are Watsi; a worldwide charity whose mission is to provide life-changing medical care for people in need, and Child’s Play; a charity started by Penny Arcade that aims to install video games in the children’s wards of hospitals across the world via the generosity of gamers.