Choice-based horror game Until Dawn has had its release date officially confirmed by Sony, with the PS4 exclusive set to be released on August 25 in North America, and August 28 in the UK. Ahead of a probable showing at E3, the trailer and release date were announced on the Playstation Blog by Pete Samuels, founder of development company Supermassive Games.

Until Dawn stars eight friends who return to a secluded cabin on vacation, on the one year anniversary of the death of their friend. The game bills itself as an interactive horror movie, giving you control over the fates of all eight main characters, with your choices and actions having a potentially massive impact on how the story unfolds.

I’ve been following the games development since its reveal as a PS4 title at Gamescom last year, including a hands-on at EGX, and what I have seen and played of the game has me extremely excited to get my hands on the final release.