As yet further proof that there is definitely a trend with Japanese games publishers completely losing the plot as of late; Sega released its full year financial results for the 12 months ending March 30, 2015 decrying its software sales as “weak.” Despite selling 1 million extra units than was forecasted by the company themselves in February, hitting 12.3 million sales of their software. This was also an increase in software sales for the Japanese publisher of 41 percent year on year.

In the financial results Sega went on to cite two specific examples of their “weak” software sales. Alien Isolation, which sold an otherwise respectably healthy 2.1 million units, despite being a tough sell after the trainwreck that was Aliens: Colonial Marines left everyone a bit wary of another game in the venerable franchise. It should also be noted that Alien Isolation went on to win great critical acclaim, being mentioned in many Game of the Year conversations (including mine).

The other example was the 620,000 combined sales of Sonic Boom: Rise of the Lyric and Sonic Boom: Shattered Crystal. Honestly I don’t know what they’re complaining about, 620,000 is a big number when you consider that Rise of the Lyric was one of the worst games released in 2014.

In all seriousness though, Sega did post a net loss of ¥11.3 billion ($94 million), down from the previous year which saw them make a net profit of ¥30.7 billion. While I wouldn’t lay the blame on Alien: Isolation, but rather on the fact that a lot of the games they released last year were either outright terrible or just extremely niche.

It’s all good though, because Sega has the perfect solution: the publisher is set to release 46 free-to-play mobile & PC titles by the end of the new fiscal year, March 30, 2016. Yeah, that should do it.