Take this one with a grain of salt, but rumour has it that Remedy Entertainment’s Quantum Break is about to be delayed into early 2016. In a tweet that has since been deleted, Dae Jim said:

Got some bad news #Xbox gamers, #QuantumBreak is likely delayed, coming early 2016!

The original tweet also contained a link to a Dutch language news site posting the rumour. However the translated rumour seems to be mostly speculation, with the news post referencing the lack of marketing Microsoft is doing for Quantum Break and Remedy’s history of releasing games late, which “altogether is a litany of serious accidents” according to Google Translate.

While the lack of marketing surrounding Quantum Break since its playable demo at last years Gamescom (and EGX, which is where I saw it) could be a sign that the game is being pushed, it’s worth noting that if Quantum Break were coming in 2015 it would most likely be further towards the end of the year. Microsoft currently has a slate of games coming between now and then that need promoting, as well as a big push on Windows 10 and DirectX 12. And while it is also true that Remedy has a history with delaying its releases, it’s also worth noting that Quantum Break was originally targeting a 2014 release date.

The original article linked in Dae Jim’s tweet even closes by stating that they cannot confirm the rumour (that they themselves are starting) and are basing their post on “very strong” suspicions. It’s also telling that, as of writing, major news sites such as IGN or Gamespot haven’t written a word on this yet, despite the news breaking many hours ago. Dae Jim also clarified his position later on Twitter, saying his tweet was an “opinion” and “not confirmation.” He also clarifies that he’s not an employee of Microsoft as was reported on several sites.

In the end this is speculation at best, whether or not Quantum Break is delayed or not, this is not coming from any source inside either Remedy Entertainment or Microsoft. But it’s speculation being masqueraded as news at some smaller websites. It would essentially be like me writing a speculative post saying Uncharted 4 was being delayed until 2016. It’s not news, and even if that did happen it still wouldn’t make my original post newsworthy.

We’ll find out the release date of Quantum Break this June at Microsoft’s E3 press conference at the latest.