Generally speaking, most gamers have a love-hate relationship with each yearly iteration of The Game Awards (or VGX/VGA/whatever they call themselves). It’s always kind of interesting to see what awards are given to what games I guess. Most people watch The Game Awards for the trailers and exclusive reveals. The trouble is that the show in the past few years has been abysmally, horrifically awful and a true chore to actually sit through. Not so this year and credit where it’s due, Geoff Keighley put on a pretty good show at the re-branded (again) Game Awards on Friday night. As an FYI; I’m going to be using this post to talk about the reveals, not the awards themselves. 

Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt

Holy plot twist, Batman! While this trailer for Witcher 3 is cool, the biggest revelation about the game came just before it was shown, from the awesome Damien Monnier (who was the speaker at the Witcher 3 EGX developer session you need to see, if you haven’t already) of CD Projekt Red; you won’t just be playing as Geralt, there will be a second playable character, and that character is in the trailer shown at The Game Awards (my money is on Ciri?).

Legend of Zelda, More

Aside from how adorably dorky Shigeru Miyamoto and Eiji Aonuma look throughout this video, there’s a lot to love here. The world of next years Legend of Zelda for WiiU looks huge. The traversal on horseback is great, allowing the horse to more or less move itself, freeing you to be able to fight properly on horseback is a great idea that I’m surprised hasn’t come up before. Oh, and Starfox is coming out next year too. Before Legend of Zelda, as Miyamoto casually announced in the video. Not one to be upstaged in his own video, Aonuma then casually one-upped his compatriot by telling the world that Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask (the greatest game of the Zelda series) will be coming to 3DS & 2DS before Starfox. And that’s not even all Nintendo had brought to the party…

Code Name: S.T.E.A.M.

Big fan of turn based, grid based, tactical strategy games over here. You may have noticed before. I was a little bit disappointed to note that Code Name: S.T.E.A.M. was only going to be released on 3DS/2DS and not on WiiU (but my disappointment was dampened by the fact that I’ll probably get one eventually anyway). From the developer of the Fire Emblem and Advance Wars series, this hybrid strategy/third-person shooter looks like a lot of fun in its own right. But throw in Victorian steampunk, Abraham Lincoln and Lovecraftian-esque monsters? Yeah, I’ll get this game one way or another.

No Man’s Sky

There wasn’t a great deal of new information in the No Man’s Sky trailer, just some glorious, seamless gameplay. But it doesn’t take much to get me excited for the game, just keep reminding me that it exists, and how awesome the concept is and you’re golden. I suspect Hello Games knows what it’s doing when releasing these trailers; ever since the games reveal at last years VGX Awards, it’s been amongst many gamers most hotly anticipated releases. Including mine.


Bill Lowe, one of the devlopers on Rust, is making his own survival game. That’s pretty much all there is to take away from the reveal of Before. You’ll be tasked with guiding a tribe through a dangerous pre-historic world. If the trailer is anything to go by the music will be top notch and the art design is charming and minimalistic in all the right ways.

Untitled Hazelight Game

Josef Fares, Game Director on the fantastic Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons, has taken the core team from that game and formed Hazelight Studios. They’re creating a new game, and a new IP, that has impressed EA so much that they’ve partnered with Hazelight to get the game made. That’s all that’s really known about the game beside some concept art and a really short teaser, but that’s all that you really need to know. If you haven’t played Brothers you absolutely should, then you’ll be as excited for this game as I am.


Again, there’s nothing really known about this game aside from its short reveal trailer, premiered at The Game Awards. It has you exploring a strangely abandoned space station, known as Tacoma, and will be released in 2016. Again the most prescient information about Tacoma is the identity of the developers; Fullbright, developer of last years excellent Gone Home.


Not really sure what to make of Adrift, other than it kind of looks like Gravity: The Video Game, with all the stress and tension I’m sure that will entail. Also, judging from the reveal trailer, it seems like the words “survivor detected” will become the new “save the last Humans.”

Until Dawn

Honestly there’s nothing new in the short Until Dawn trailer, however I try and highlight the game every chance I get, because I don’t think it’s getting enough attention or hype for how good it looks. It essentially looks like an interactive teen slasher movie game in the style of David Cage, however looks can be deceiving. If my suspicions after playing a demo of the game at EGX are correct, there’s a lot more going on in Until Dawn than just a crazy serial killer on the loose. What I know for sure about Until Dawn is that the game looks and feels fantastic, and February can’t come soon enough.



Other Stuff

Of course there was a lot of other games revealed or expanding upon at The Game Awards, and I’d advise you to check out the whole show (if you have 3 and a half hours to spare), because it was surprisingly good. Bloodborne continues to look impressive, and I still can’t quite decide whether I’ll actually enjoy The Order: 1886 or not, but I’ll definitely give it a try, since my PS4 is starved of exclusives right now. Mario Maker looks interesting, and if the level editor in Super Smash Bros for WiiU is any indication, it’ll be a robust, excellent tool, as well being a lot of fun for playing levels of Mario others have created.

The new King’s Quest was also premiered at the awards, which is cool, but the best part about the reveal was actually the really nice homage to Sierra Games (complete with Ken and Roberta Williams on stage!). Metal Gear Online looks really nice running in Konami’s FOX Engine and Human Element looks like a first person, Sunset Overdrive-inspired game with motorbikes and zombies (and will undoubtedly be pushed back into 2016). And I have officially run out of Game Awards reveals to talk about. I’ll be back in a few hours with a Playstation Experience post (man it was a busy weekend for gaming, shame Microsoft didn’t get involved).