Hello all,

I am once again taking part in the Extra Life 24-hour gaming marathon to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network. And I’m here to ask you to sponsor me to put what little skills I have to work helping sick kids get treatment for some nasty diseases. Please take a moment to watch my video above. 

As I mentioned in the video I have set up some reward tiers that I’ll share below. They’re not much but I’ve tried to be a bit creative with them. If you have any ideas or suggestions for additional tiers I’d love to hear them, drop me a comment or send me a tweet (@jerobolod) – as I said in the video I want to make this years Extra Life amazing.

You can check out my donation page by clicking anywhere in this sentence.

Reward Tiers

$5 – You will have my unending thanks and appreciation, because you’re awesome.

$10 – I will give you a shout out on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook and WordPress to let the world know just how awesome you are.

$15 – As well as a shout out on the aforementioned sites, I will send you a personalised thank you card complete with doodles and everything.

$20 – You can choose any one game for me to play on the day, as part of the marathon, and I will record my playthrough and upload it to YouTube. As long as the game is available on PC it can be any game you like. Also includes previous rewards.

$30 – I have four beta keys for Nosgoth that I received at EGX to give away, so the first four people to donate here can have them. Also includes previous rewards.

$40 – You can be the fourth player in one of my Left 4 Dead 2 videos (as long as you have the game on Steam & are mic’ed up). If you’ve seen the previous video series then you’ll know it’s all a good laugh. Also includes previous rewards.

$50 – Pick a song and I will create a music video, complete with terrible lip syncing and horrific dancing, and upload it to my YouTube channel. Also includes previous rewards.

$51+ – I honestly have no idea how to properly show my appreciation for a donation so big, so if you make a donation of $51 or more I am open to suggestions. Within reason. I’m game for just about anything, but please bear in mind that I’m a penniless blogger! You can drop me a comment on my blog, donation page or tweet me (@jerobolod) to discuss.

Thanks for reading. I hope you can donate something to this wonderful cause.