When I write posts like this I tend to make lists. I’m good at making lists and I enjoy making them, however making lists in situations like this pretty much explodes my brain, as I suddenly realise how much TV is awesome, and just how many shows there are that I’m interested in. Summer doesn’t help either, as I catch up on shows that I hadn’t started watching, only to end up adding more to the pile of shows to watch during the actual TV season. Anyway, here’s some more shows that I’ll be watching during the 2014/15 season, and that you should be watching too. 


Doctor Who

Season 8
It’s a bold new chapter in the story of The Doctor. Exit Matt Smith and enter Peter Capaldi. Doctor Who seems to have made a tonal shift from the almost fairytale-like storytelling it used in season seven, and made a move into darkness. It makes sense, although Matt Smith had his darker moments, an actor like Capaldi is much better suited to some darker storylines than his predecessor. Don’t get me wrong, I loved Matt Smith as The Doctor, but the stories he was getting (Day of the Doctor not withstanding) were getting worse and worse, and I think the time was probably right for a change.


Game of Thrones

Season 5
The last couple of seasons of Game of Thrones, while still being brilliant, have felt a little slow. This is probably because seasons three and four split one entire book. Sure there were episodes like The Rains of Castamere and The Lion and the Rose, but it felt like it took ages to get to actual, ground breaking plot developments. I appreciate a slow burn as much as the next person, probably more, but sometimes I just wished the show would get on with it (it didn’t help that I found the Bran Stark and Alfie Allen plots insufferable). So the news that season five will be encompassing two books in ten episodes is some exciting stuff, and it will more than likely end up making the fifth season something awesome.



Season 6
Archer had a bumpy ride in season five. Archer Vice had its moments, as the show broke away from the spycraft format for a year to show its characters attempting to be the worlds worst drug cartel. The fifth season had its moments, but it’s telling that its most entertaining episodes were its first and last, the two episodes that most closely resembled the Archer of years gone by. It’s going to be interesting watching Adam Reed take the show back to its ISIS roots and, hopefully, back to its best.



Season 4
Speaking of shows making changes, Veep made a substantial change at the end of its third season, seeing Vice President Selina Meyer ascend to the office of President of the United States and bringing her staff with her. I’m hoping that this shake up is permanent and the show goes down the Yes, Minister/Yes, Prime Minister route, because seeing Selina Meyer and her hapless group of idiots attempt to run America is a rich vein of comedy, and I’m not sure how much longer Veep could have continued without becoming somewhat stale. Veep is one of the funniest comedies on TV right now, and I have no doubt that it will continue to be hilarious.



Season 6
Season six of Community, foretold for years through the catchphrase/rallying cry of “SIX SEASON AND A MOVIE!” and by Abed at the end of season five (“We’ll definitely be back next year. If not, it’ll be because an asteroid has destroyed all human civilization. And that’s canon.”). Community was finally cancelled by NBC after years of fighting and existing solely on the bubble, only to be rescued at the eleventh hour by Yahoo of all places. It’s been a turbulent five years for Community, but it had a good, if not spectacular, fifth year. It will be very interesting to see what kind of show Community becomes next, especially now that it’s online and free from the constraints of network television.