There’s nothing quite like sitting down and writing a list of all the shows that you’re planning on watching over the coming months, it really makes you realise that you might be attempting to watch too much TV. It probably doesn’t help that we’re living in a Golden Age of Television, or that places like Netflix, Yahoo and Amazon are getting in on the act, or the rise of cable TV as the destination for quality television. It all adds up to a whole lot of TV that’s more than worth watching…



Season 6
Justified takes the top spot on what I’m most looking forward to watching in 2014/15 because, aside from it being consistently top quality, its sixth season is also going to be its last. Season five had its detractors, and they made some fairly decent points, the fifth season was definitely the weakest so far, but it was still above a lot of other shows on TV. It also set up the confrontation that the entire show has been building towards; Raylan Givens versus Boyd Crowder. I have a feeling it’s going to be a fantastic send off.


Parks & Recreation

Season 7
Speaking of shows which are coming to an end, beloved cult favourite Parks & Rec is entering its seventh and final season with a thirteen episode order and an interesting twist; skipping over three years from the sixth season finale and setting the last run in 2017. Nothing was really given away in the short tag at the end of last season, but I expect the shortened final season to be a fantastic send off to a show that will be greatly missed.



Season 3
Arrow has gone from strength to strength as it has gone on. Season one started out okay and ended pretty strong. Then came season two which hit the ground running and went from pretty strong to absolutely fantastic. If season three continues the upward curve then it could be the best season of anything on TV in 2014/15. Even if it simply holds steady it’ll still be up there with the best of TV.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine

Season 2
The best new comedy of last year returns for its second season that wasn’t guaranteed until very late in the 13/14 season. There’s not really a whole lot to say about Brooklyn Nine-Nine. It was hands down one of the most consistently funny shows last season, with one of the most talented casts of any series. I imagine season two is going to be gut-bustingly hilarious again. If you’re not watching this show you need to change that, right now.



Season 3
TV’s weirdest, most compelling, visually distinct show that you’re not watching returns for another improbable season. While it’s one of the most critically acclaimed shows currently airing on TV, Hannibal is one of the least watched (as with other series’ of similar quality like Fringe). I wish I had a huge grandstand to shout and shout about how everyone should be watching Hannibal, because they should, because it’s a fantastic piece of TV. Great stars, great direction, great writing, Hannibal is the full package. Every season it’s still on TV should be a celebration.


Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Season 2
Agents of Shield is an interesting case. It started out completely uninteresting before rallying post-Captain America: Winter Soldier and becoming fairly good. It had good twists and actually started to build up (some of) its characters into interesting people. What the show needs to do is build upon that in the second season, ditch the boring, procedural episodes and continue the impactful storytelling it started in its last nine episodes. That’s why it’s on this list, and why I will be watching when it returns this fall. The potential is finally there, it all comes down to whether or not Agents of Shield capitalises on it.